Though I tend to be quite picky about the quality and reliability of the gear I take with me into the backcountry, there is a side of me that loves finding decent gear on the cheap. While it may be nice to have the latest and greatest gear when heading out into the woods, cheap gear is an unsung hero of the backpacking world. Whether you are starting off, or just can’t justify spending $400 on a new sleeping bag, cheap gear helps you get out there and enjoy the mountains, which is all that matters. Gear, while shiny and cool, is a means to an end… and in that light, cheap gear is a doorway to adventure.

Much like the incredible $12 BRS titanium stove (Reviewed here FYI), this $20 down quilt from Costco is an unbelievable value for what it is. And what it is is an ultralight (sub 1 lb.), 700 fill power down quilt. Now don’t get too excited, this isn’t going to be your next 3-season quilt. Given the amount of down in the quilt, and the fact that it uses sewn through baffles in its construction, this isn’t going to be the warmest quilt around. I’m estimating (and this is will vary greatly depending on how warm you sleep and what you sleep in) that this quilt is good to around 50-55 degrees fahrenheit. It is a lightweight summer quilt, no more, no less. But what’s great is that it can be modified. Out of the box, the quilt is a traditional square “comforter” style blanket, but with some modification it becomes a backpacking quilt. Check out the video below for a full on overview and a DIY tutorial on adding a footbox to the quilt. After the video, I’ll provide some links to the DIY materials used in the video (Through which you can help support me!)


Quilt: Available in-store at Costco only.
Grosgrain Ribbon:
Cord Locks:

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