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After graduating college with a degree in Natural Resources, I decided that I wanted to experience the wonders of the natural world first hand, to better grasp how they are being impacted, used, and enjoyed. Though I enjoyed my weekend forays into the wilderness while backpacking, I knew that I needed to take my efforts to the next level if I wanted to seriously see nature. In 2012 I set off to hike the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. This incredible experience changed my life in many ways, some of which I am only now realizing. For starters, it set the foundation for the next few years of my life and marked the beginning of my hiking/adventure “addiction”.


In an effort to remain close to the trail and it’s community, in 2013 I took a position working at Baxter State Park, the northern terminus of the AT. Exploring Maine’s incredibly rugged mountains while at the same time witnessing the many thru hikers completing their epic northbound journeys struck a fire in me… I had to hike again. In 2014 I headed out on a trek from Mexico to Canada along the 2600 mile long Pacific Crest Trail. Along the way, I documented my hikes via Youtube and shared the beautiful wilderness areas of California, Oregon, and Washington with the world. After the PCT, I headed to Durango, CO for the winter, started an official outdoors blog about my adventures, and fell in love with Colorado. But soon the trail beckoned, and before I knew it I was again hiking from Mexico to Canada. This time through NM, CO, WY, ID, and MT along the spine of the Continental Divide Trail. By far the most difficult and demanding trail yet, the CDT was an epic experience that really helped to hone my outdoor skills.

Currently, I’m back in Colorado and staying close to the mountains I love! Though I may not be hiking this year, I continue to blog and produce videos that help to share the knowledge I’ve learned from my trips and experiences.

Although my future is open for now, I can’t help but think that another long trail is due soon…

-Joe Brewer


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