This series has been a long time coming. Almost daily, I get multiple questions from all sorts of hikers about different aspects of thru hiking, backpacking, planning a hike, how to do x, and so on. While answering these questions on a per case basis is helpful for the individuals asking the questions, it seems to me that making videos on some of the topics I’m frequently asked about would be a great benefit to future potential hikers, and to those that either aren’t asking questions or perhaps don’t know what questions to ask. Not to mention, it may help streamline my answering process and lead to faster answers or at least fewer questions on the same topics. This weeks “Ask A Thru Hiker” is going to answer the oft asked, “How much does it cost to thru hike?!”

If you’ve followed my videos since the AT, you may remember a similar video I released about “Money on the AT”, but this time I wanted to make a more universal and visual video about the costs of thru hiking any long trail. In this video, I include a sort of equation to figuring out how much thru hiking costs. Yes, it is pretty basic and generalized, but this is necessary when people all have different approaches to thru hiking. Just keep in mind: you can thru hike on almost any budget! Don’t let my estimations drive you away from a thru hike if you think they are too expensive. Everyone has different needs and comfort levels.  Hopefully this will give you a good baseline to start from. Check out the video below for all of the info:


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UPDATE: Starting at around 8:30 in the video, I begin an equation on money spent on food in town. Unfortunately, though I was following an equation I’d already written off camera, I forgot to add in a step on camera. In addition to the (2 x 12) = $24 dollars spent in restaurants, I meant to add another $24 for the random snacks, food, and drinks I buy in town from grocery and convenience stores. The final number I write down ($1344) is correct, but the extra $24 from snacks is not shown in the equation or explained in the video, sorry!