Having decent audio in my videos has always been a goal of mine, and up until now it has been lacking. Being able to hear the true sounds of the natural places I adventure, the steady din of hiking shoes crossing a trail, or even of the needle on the sewing machine as it carefully places each stitch will hopefully add whole new layer of depth and enjoyment to my videos. Up until about a week ago, I was limited to using my iPhone and GoPro’s built in mic to record the audio on my videos. While the built in mic on these devices captures the essence of what I am recording, there is a certain depth, quality, and sensitivity that can only be obtained with external microphones and equipment. Just recently, on my Patreon page, my wonderful patron’s helped me reach a goal I had set when I established the page: better audio. I had no expectations of ever achieving this goal, and yet here we are with better audio equipment! Thanks guys and gals! In future videos you’ll be hearing much improved audio thanks to a new Zoom H1 stereo audio recorder, a camera shock mount to reduce bump noise, and a dead cat (windscreen) to eliminate the audio destroying wind noises. As of now, I’m still tinkering with the mic and figuring out the best ways to use it so bear with me as I figure out how this all works (If you have any tips/suggestions I’d like to hear them!)


If you would like to contribute to the quality and frequency of my videos, check out my Patreon page by clicking the link above. Patrons of my content assure that I strive to make the best videos I can as often as I can. Additionally, when certain goals are met, you’ll see great leaps of progress in my content. Today we achieved better audio equipment, but the next goal is better video equipment and we are very close to meeting it. Thanks!