My DIY Tools – The tools and gear I use on DIY/MYOG projects

My DIY Tools - The tools and gear I use on DIY/MYOG projects

"The success of any given DIY project lies within your will to finish. The quality of your project lies upon the backs of the tools you use and your skill at using them."

Here's a list of the tools that I personally use to work on my DIY and MYOG projects. Some of these are new to me, some have been in use since my first DIY hammock back in 2011. All of them have proven quite useful to me.

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DIYlive: Prototyping Backpack Straps

I’ve been working on a new series of videos called DIYlive. They are filmed live from my apartment, and feature me working on an assortment of DIY/MYOG projects in various stages of completeness. In these videos, you’ll get a more intimate glimpse into what it looks like to design gear, prototype it, assemble it, and much more. This video focuses on some rapid prototyping of backpack straps. Continue reading “DIYlive: Prototyping Backpack Straps”


In light of some recent requests and in hopes of sharing more of the DIY process with viewers, I’m going to start live streaming some of my DIY builds, experimentation, and just general foolishness. Though this is very much a new thing for me, hopefully through trial and error we can figure out what works best for livestreaming and what you the viewer wants to see. I’ll do my best to announce my streams as far ahead of time as I can, but they’ll likely be pretty spontaneous to start. As of now, I’m using Facebook to live stream, however I may explore different channels in the future. Follow this link to my Facebook page and follow me to get a heads up of when I’m streaming. For starters, I’ll be streaming toninght (2/18) at 4:30 mst. Tune in and say hey!