The Ultimate Ultralight Kitchen – Only 4 oz!

When I’m not on trail, my mind is… I often find it wondering why I’m not out hiking all day every day, coming up with ideas for new pieces of gear and DIY projects, and figuring out ways to improve upon my existing gear. This article/video stems from the latter and is the best system I could come up with for the weight/functionality. I present to you the Ultimate Ultralight Kitchen. Continue reading “The Ultimate Ultralight Kitchen – Only 4 oz!”

NEW Series: Back Pack Snacks: Nutella

While I feel like I’ve covered a pretty wide berth of hiking topics throughout my years on Youtube and now with this website, there is still a category in which I’ve been egregiously lacking. A category that is extremely important to enjoying hiking and backpacking, yet one that is often overlooked for the shiny gear write-ups. This topic, which is undoubtedly the number one topic discussed among thru-hikers, is FOOD! More specifically: trail food. Yeah, it’s really that simple.

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