I’ve been working on a super cool project at work (and finally get to share it with you…) – Introducing the Basecamp Journal

The Basecamp Journal is a journal designed to help you plan, execute, and document your adventures. It is built from the ground up by the Feral Mountain Co. team and has a lot of careful thought and clever design put into it. I always hesitate to use adventure journals due to their clunkiness and over-built, hold-you-by-the-hand layouts… but this one is different. It’s simple yet intuitive,  and the main pages feature a dot grid system that lends itself quite well to writing, drawing, and list making. I am truly excited about this project and plan on using them myself for documenting all of my adventures. If this sounds interesting at all to you, It’d mean a lot to us if you’d check out the Indiegogo page below (It’s similar to Kickstarter, but prettier.) Even if you’re not interested in the journal, maybe check out the video I put together for the project, it has some cool nature shots in it!

A quick book recommendation: Loner’s “Painted Blazes”

Recently, my friend Loner (from the AT in 2012) published a book about his AT thru hike (and many misadventures along the way.) I’ve only just started it, but I am really digging it and I think you will too! Keep that adventure spark kindled with some new literary fuel: http://amzn.to/2veMqOz. Check out all of those 5-star reviews! Loner also did a great series of videos from his thru hike, you can check them out here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-vBJwNljf6Qcm1w02hWASuyFoGzl65r6.

Exploring Colorado’s Never Summer Wilderness – Backpacking Vlog #1

I have a big favor to ask of you: give this video a view. Even if it’s just the first 10 minutes. It’s a lot to ask, I know (a 25 minute video?!) But I feel like MeHap and I have put together something nice here and I want to share it with people that might not normally watch it. The footage is in high-res 4K, so throw it up on your biggest TV and kick it. A lot of time and effort went into this edit, hopefully it shows.
Thanks everybody

My DIY Tools – The tools and gear I use on DIY/MYOG projects

My DIY Tools - The tools and gear I use on DIY/MYOG projects

"The success of any given DIY project lies within your will to finish. The quality of your project lies upon the backs of the tools you use and your skill at using them."

Here's a list of the tools that I personally use to work on my DIY and MYOG projects. Some of these are new to me, some have been in use since my first DIY hammock back in 2011. All of them have proven quite useful to me.

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DIY Suppliers Master List – A list of all the best DIY / MYOG supply shops

DIY / MYOG Supplier Master List

Interested in making your own gear? You're gonna need some supplies and materials.  What follows is a comprehensive list of the best DIY suppliers around. With these links, you can get your hands on anything you'll need to make your own gear: silnylon, ripstop nylon, x-pac, cuben fiber (now dyneema), thread, buckles, webbing, cord, cord-locks, and so much more. **Cue Jurassic Park intro music** Welcome to the world of DIY.

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How To Make An Ultralight Windscreen & Heat Reflector

When I am on a thru hike, I do my best to make every piece of my gear and my habits as efficient and effective as possible. When it comes to cooking, a small 100 gram fuel canister can last me upwards of a month on trail. How is this possible? Quite easily actually, I combine several techniques and pieces of gear that make my stove as efficient as it can be. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be spilling all of my thru-hiker stove efficiency secrets to you so stay tuned… Today, I’ll be showing you how to take the first step towards stove efficiency by making your very own DIY ultralight windscreen and heat reflector! Continue reading “How To Make An Ultralight Windscreen & Heat Reflector”


In light of some recent requests and in hopes of sharing more of the DIY process with viewers, I’m going to start live streaming some of my DIY builds, experimentation, and just general foolishness. Though this is very much a new thing for me, hopefully through trial and error we can figure out what works best for livestreaming and what you the viewer wants to see. I’ll do my best to announce my streams as far ahead of time as I can, but they’ll likely be pretty spontaneous to start. As of now, I’m using Facebook to live stream, however I may explore different channels in the future. Follow this link to my Facebook page and follow me to get a heads up of when I’m streaming. For starters, I’ll be streaming toninght (2/18) at 4:30 mst. Tune in and say hey!

The Ultimate Ultralight Kitchen – Only 4 oz!

When I’m not on trail, my mind is… I often find it wondering why I’m not out hiking all day every day, coming up with ideas for new pieces of gear and DIY projects, and figuring out ways to improve upon my existing gear. This article/video stems from the latter and is the best system I could come up with for the weight/functionality. I present to you the Ultimate Ultralight Kitchen. Continue reading “The Ultimate Ultralight Kitchen – Only 4 oz!”

How to layer rain gear (Like a thru hiker)

If you’ve seen my video on layering your backpacking clothing like a thru hiker (Found here), you might remember that it was missing some very important essentials: rain gear. This weeks video picks up where the last one left off and delves head first into the world of rain gear… and what a world it can be, full of complex decisions, misconceptions, and prices that all leave you wondering if you should even bother hiking in the rain. Continue reading “How to layer rain gear (Like a thru hiker)”

Gear Review: The Lightest Canister Stove in the World – BRS Titanium Stove

That’s right, at just 0.9 oz (25g) this stove is lightest one I’ve ever seen. And with a price tag hovering around $16 on Amazon, you have to wonder just how well this stove actually functions. Very rarely are the absolute lightest pieces of gear actually affordable. Could this unicorn be the solution to your heavy stove woes… or is it just another cheap knockoff stove like the many others that seem to be plaguing Amazon’s marketplace (and gear review sites for some reason). Find out in the video below!

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Two of my friends from the PCT are releasing a documentary about the PCT experience/community and it looks epic! Check out the soon to be released: Do More With Less

Due out May 2nd, 2015 (For free on http://domorewithlessfilm.com !!!) this film aims to capture the beauty of the Pacific Crest Trail but with an intimate focus on the community which has formed itself around the trail.

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Ultralight Tips: My Ultralight Med Kit (Under 1 Ounce)

Looking back on some of my first backpacking trips, I remember carrying what must have been a full on medic’s first aid kit. It had to have weighed a pound and a half and likely included a life times supply of band-aids and gauze inside the giant red canvas bag marked with a red cross. Even then I remember thinking how ridiculously overkill it was. Luckily, however, I have learned from those early days and I’ve progressed from what was once 24 ounces to just under 1 ounce. As I’ve gained more and more experience backpacking, and more specifically thru-hiking, I’ve learned just exactly what supplies I personally feel comfortable with and need in the backcountry. In addition, through various wilderness medical trainings/scenarios, I’ve learned how to use knowledge and improvisation to reduce the amount of first aid gear I need to take with me. Continue reading “Ultralight Tips: My Ultralight Med Kit (Under 1 Ounce)”