Despite the lack of free time lately, I’ve somehow been able to wrangle together a decent bit of gear for my upcoming (as in 4 days away now) Continental Divide Trail thru hike attempt. What follows is a video rundown of my ultralight gear list for the CDT. After the video, check out the spreadsheets for a more detailed piece by piece (and ounce by precious ounce) assessment of my gear. If you’ve followed my PCT adventure, you may notice quite a few similarities, though there are some new pieces of gear thrown in there as well. Enjoy!



For even more details including individual item weights, categorical breakdowns, and more… check out the spreadsheets below. I’m including PDF, Excell, Numbers, and CSV formats just to make sure you’ll be able to choose the format you prefer. My native format was Numbers (a mac app) so I apologize if there are any discrepancies in the other formats, I simply exported them from Numbers.


Numbers: CDTGearListNumbers





Have any gear or trail questions? Leave them in the comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for reading!