This series has been several months in the works now, but alas my final CDT edit is done. Looking through all of my footage from the trail has been both wonderful and horrible. It’s wonderful to go back and relive these memories, but it makes me horribly homesick for the trail.  Take a trip along the lovely Continental Divide Trail with me as  I complete the last state in my thru hike: Colorado. 

I’ve got to admit, this was a tough one to edit. There is just so much beauty to be had in Colorado, and I had a ton of footage to sift through. Though my aim was to create 10 minute videos for this series, I cheated. Colorado just had too much amazing scenery and I couldn’t pare it down past 15 minutes.


This being the last section of my flip-flop thru hike, I was headed southbound through Colorado to my finish line at Cumbres Pass. Coming out of Wyoming’s Red Desert and heading back up into the hills then mountains of Colorado was invigorating on this hike. I had felt such a drop in both drive and attitude coming out of the gorgeous Wind River Range and down into Wyoming’s Great Divide Basin (Which you can watch here!), that I needed a pick me up. Climbing back up into the high mountains as I entered Colorado was like watching my spirit and drive begin to ascend upwards as well.


The first 1/4 of Colorado was a bit rainy and wet for me. Though my spirits were lifting, the consistent days of rain were still holding them down a  bit, I think this shows through a bit in the tone of the first part of this video. As I delved deeper into Colorado, and as the weather turned to clear sunny days, I became more and more aware of this insane beauty I was surrounded by. This state is relentless with the views and scenery it offers. Every mile is an opportunity to ogle at some gigantic snow peaked mountain or a rocky ridge that trails off into infinity. I hope that a small fraction of this shows through in this video.


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-New Mexico




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