After hiking northbound on the Continental Divide Trail through New Mexico’s rugged and beautiful deserts, I was presented with a challenging choice. Colorado was the next state I was set to conquer, however it had seen a massive amount of late spring (i.e. not melted yet) snow. I could either continue north and push through the powder with extra effort, increased avalanche dangers, and possible reroutes/missed sections of trail or I could flip up to the Canadian border at Glacier National Park and head back south to where I had left off. Partially due to avalanche danger and partly due to the fact that I did not want to skip the gorgeous San Juans of CO, I made the choice to flip. Thus… I present the next state(s) in my Continental Divide Trail series: Montana and Idaho.

I’ve included Montana and Idaho in one video because the Continental Divide Trail follows closely to the MT/ID state line for some time in the southern parts of MT. Much like the previous New Mexico edit, this one is quite different from the content I produce on trail. In this video, you’ll find quick shots, snappy cuts, and most notably… Music! This is a new style of editing for me, so let me know what you think. My goal here is to keep each state to around 10 minutes.

Montana is truly a special place. In this video you’ll traverse the rugged passes of Glacier with me, feel the isolation and remoteness of the Bob Marshall Wilderness, explore the grassy “hills” of Montana’s divide, and see the “Big Sky” that MT is so often lauded for. But I’ll let the video do the talking here… Take a look:


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