While hiking the Continental Divide Trail this last year, I produced a youtube series (Found here) from the trail, both shot and edited on my iPhone. While I did my best to edit and assemble the footage into a cohesive video, this is not the easiest task to be done solely on a phone. Though I am pleased with how the trail videos turned out, I couldn’t help but wonder what I could do with a little more time and editing power. Enter this new project.

Initially, I set out to create one huge edit for my entire Continental Divide Trail adventure, but soon found that this would be a monumental task. Unfortunately, due to the limited memory of my phone, and the fact that I had to store mass amounts of footage and pictures while on trail, I had to delete raw footage and edited videos from my phone to free up space for new content. This means that all I have to work from now are my pre-edited videos, all of which I have to download from my youtube channel. Adding such huge files into my video editor really bogs it down and makes for slow going. I soon found that it might be a smarter idea to break down my edits by state.

I’m starting off this new series with New Mexico. Going back through all of my footage of the beautiful deserts and mesas of New Mexico really struck some chords in me. Seeing those pink desert sunsets and the incredible Gila River is enough to send me right back out there. But I think I should hold off for now…

In this new edit, you’ll (hopefully) find: better/smarter cuts, stabilized video when necessary(!), better adjusted audio levels, and best of all a music soundtrack! As always, thanks for watching and let me know if I should continue with these new edits.


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