Let’s face it, shoes may not be the most interesting piece of gear to talk about, but they are essential to your outdoor pursuits. I’d even go as far as saying that they are the most important gear choice you make for hiking and backpacking, this goes doubly so for thru-hiking. Keeping your feet supported, comfortable and in good shape will keep you happier in the backcountry and allow you to hike for longer. That’s what matters most right?

I’ve long held the belief that shoes are a very personal piece of gear, one that really needs to be tried on and tested before purchase. Because of this, I’ve always shied away from recommending shoes to people. Recently however, due to the shear number of people that I have seen happy with this shoe (including myself), I’ve had a slight change of heart. I’ve decided to review the shoes, but with one caveat: always try before you buy. Everyone has different feet, some are just not going to be happy in certain pairs of shoes. If the shoes aren’t comfortable in the store, they most definitely will not be on trail. Keeping that in mind, check out my video review below:


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