If you’ve seen my video on layering your backpacking clothing like a thru hiker (Found here), you might remember that it was missing some very important essentials: rain gear. This weeks video picks up where the last one left off and delves head first into the world of rain gear… and what a world it can be, full of complex decisions, misconceptions, and prices that all leave you wondering if you should even bother hiking in the rain.

Rain gear has always been and will likely always be a constant learning process for me. New gear is always coming out, there are a plethora of choices already available, and there are all sorts of different types of rain gear that would take ages (and research level funding) to test out. I’ve also found that with rain gear, the biggest challenge is learning to compromise. It pains me to say it, but there is no perfect rain gear choice to be made. There are many choices, all of which have down sides and compromises that you’ll have to choose from. So how can one choose the right rain gear for a trip? Well, I’ll let the video do the brunt of the talking here, but the first step is finding out what your comfort level is in rainy conditions. Even more important is knowing what conditions you can expect where you are hiking, and adapting your rain gear to those conditions. Check out the video below for all the info, and scroll down after the video for a more detailed list of the gear I use on my hikes:

Gear mentioned in this video: