The Basecamp Journal is a journal designed to help you plan, execute, and document your adventures. It is built from the ground up by the Feral Mountain Co. team and has a lot of careful thought and clever design put into it. I always hesitate to use adventure journals due to their clunkiness and over-built, hold-you-by-the-hand layouts… but this one is different. It’s simple yet intuitive,  and the main pages feature a dot grid system that lends itself quite well to writing, drawing, and list making. I am truly excited about this project and plan on using them myself for documenting all of my adventures. If this sounds interesting at all to you, It’d mean a lot to us if you’d check out the Indiegogo page below (It’s similar to Kickstarter, but prettier.) Even if you’re not interested in the journal, maybe check out the video I put together for the project, it has some cool nature shots in it!