Want to boost your cooking efficiency in the backcountry? Save weight on fuel? Enjoy hot meals and drinks that stay hot longer? Protect and store your stove/pot in style?    Build a pot cozy!    I’ll even make it easy for you… all you have to do is purchase this kit from me and follow along with the video below.

For those not in the know yet, DIYclub is a series of videos I’m posting on my Youtube channel in which you can build the exact same DIY project that I do, with the exact same materials I use, mailed to your doorstep.

When trying to come up with the inaugural DIYclub project, I wanted something that was approachable, that didn’t take many tools to make, and that was fairly easy to build. Thus enters the pot cozy kit. This kit doesn’t take a sewing machine or any special set of skills to make. It’s a perfect introduction to the DIY world, and it’s extremely useful in the backcountry too.

Where can I purchase this kit?

Right here on this page! Or in my shop here: https://www.coloradohighpeaks.com

What size pot cozy can the kit build?

This kit will build a cozy for a pot up to 6″ in diameter and up to 6″ in height. (Most lightweight backpacking pots fall into this range.)

How do I build the pot cozy?

Just follow the simple step by step instructions in this video!

Thanks for following along on this adventure everyone! If you have any feedback on what you’d like to see next for DIYclub, let me know in the comments! Also, if you’d like to see a change in the actual DIY video (i.e. faster pacing, slower pacing, more detail, etc.) please let me know. I want this series of videos to be as effective and fun as possible and am always open to new ideas and improvements.