Being less active outside throughout most of this winter has left me in serious need of some decent exercise and a way to keep in climbing shape. And while I would love to build a small wall in my apartment, I don’t think that would fly with the management, plus I’ll be out of here too soon to justify a full on wall anyways. Thus I am left with few great choices. Sure, I could go with a small board that mounts onto a doorframe “ironman gym”, but I want to have something more substantial, with plenty of climbing space, adaptability, and room to experiment with different holds. Enter the DIY doorframe climbing training board. Or, as it has become dubbed in my apartment, the “bathroom board.” What follows is a video and details on how to build your very own doorframe climbing board. 

The finished product

The Quick and Dirty:

  • Total Build Cost: $78.50
  • Materials: All available from Lowes or Home Depot or better yet some other local hardwear store. Mostly 3/4″ maple plywood.
  • Build time: ~5 hours maybe less
  • You really don’t need too many tools for this, as you can have the wood cut at the hardware store for free. Just a drill and hacksaw really.
  • Made to sit atop doorframe molding.
  • Pretty easily removable, yet completely sturdy. Even with more aggressive climbing.
  • Leaves no damage on the door/frame.
  • Double Sided w/ 60 bolt locations per side.
  • Bolt holes are on a 3″ grid.
  • Board Dimensions: 31″ wide x 20″ tall.
  • Based on the Double Mega board from Blank Slate Climbing. (





  • 1 – 1″ Forstner Bit for sinking the T-nut holes to let the T-nuts sit flush. (Do this.)


Check out the video below for the instructions. After that, scroll down a bit and you’ll find the Google Sketchup file for the build. It is super helpful for finding particular dimensions and details.


DIY Climbing Board – Google Sketchup File:



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