Page Update: Current Gear

It seems that these days, my backpacking gear is in a constant state of flux. Between testing gear for reviews and trying out my latest DIY projects, the contents of my backpack is often quite variable.  Up until yesterday my “Current Gear” page had been a reflection of my kit from a few years ago, not my current setup. But no longer! I’ve just updated the page with all of my latest gear. Check it out here: Current Gear. Moving forward, I think I’m going to keep a history of my past gear on this page as well, that way my revisions and upgrades in gear can be tracked as time passes. 

How to make a rain skirt (step by step) – DIY Gear Tips

Rain skirts are a quick and easy way to keep your shorts dry while hiking in the rain. Far more breathable and at a fraction of the weight of rain pants, they are my go to rain gear for much of the hiking season. Though there are a few places that sell rain skirts, they still aren’t quite mainstream yet and prices are not cheap. This means that you’ve got two options: buy an expensive rain skirt from one of the few vendors, or make your own! Continue reading “How to make a rain skirt (step by step) – DIY Gear Tips”

How to make a stuff sack (Step by step) – DIY Gear Tips

Though I’ve done a few tutorials and videos on DIY gear in the past, I’d like to start doing more. With the price of gear creeping ever higher (I’m looking at you Dyneema), a lack of reliable and lightweight gear from large manufacturers, and the wait times we often find with the cottage companies we love, DIY is a great way to get the gear you want for much cheaper than retail. Let’s not forget about how incredibly fulfilling it is to be out in the woods alone, using gear that you have made to survive too! To kick off this new wave of DIY videos on my channel, I figured I’d start with one of the most simple projects around. A project that makes a great intro into the world of DIY (Do it yourself) and MYOG (Make your own gear): A stuff sack. But not just any ol’ stuff sack. A reinforced, cinching, quality stuff sack. Continue reading “How to make a stuff sack (Step by step) – DIY Gear Tips”

Gear Review: The Lightest Canister Stove in the World – BRS Titanium Stove

That’s right, at just 0.9 oz (25g) this stove is lightest one I’ve ever seen. And with a price tag hovering around $16 on Amazon, you have to wonder just how well this stove actually functions. Very rarely are the absolute lightest pieces of gear actually affordable. Could this unicorn be the solution to your heavy stove woes… or is it just another cheap knockoff stove like the many others that seem to be plaguing Amazon’s marketplace (and gear review sites for some reason). Find out in the video below!

Continue reading “Gear Review: The Lightest Canister Stove in the World – BRS Titanium Stove”

Holiday gift ideas for the backpackers and hikers in your life.

Backpackers are notoriously hard people to shop for. Most of us know exactly what gear we need, and are pretty darn particular about what we’ll take with us into the backcountry. We tend to scoff at heavy or unnecessary gear and many of us share a tendency towards a minimalist lifestyle. Combined, these factors make backpackers and hikers some of the hardest people to find a gift for. What follows are some unique gift ideas for backpackers and hikers that are sure to please.  Continue reading “Holiday gift ideas for the backpackers and hikers in your life.”

CDT Thru Hike: My Ultralight Gear List

Despite the lack of free time lately, I’ve somehow been able to wrangle together a decent bit of gear for my upcoming (as in 4 days away now) Continental Divide Trail thru hike attempt. What follows is a video rundown of my ultralight gear list for the CDT. After the video, check out the spreadsheets for a more detailed piece by piece (and ounce by precious ounce) assessment of my gear. If you’ve followed my PCT adventure, you may notice quite a few similarities, though there are some new pieces of gear thrown in there as well. Enjoy! Continue reading “CDT Thru Hike: My Ultralight Gear List”

Sawyer Squeeze Mini: A comparison with the original Sawyer Squeeze

You’ve probably heard about the Sawyer Squeeze filter. It’s been making waves through the backpacking and thru-hiking worlds since its debut several years ago. Unlike the heavy, fragile dinosaurs of filters that backpackers had been using (I’m looking at you Katadyn Hiker Pro) the Squeeze offered an extremely light weight, long lasting, and durable filter for a fraction of the cost. Not to mention how easy it is to use. I’ve highly recommended (and still do) the Sawyer Squeeze for a backpacking filter in previous Youtube videos (See Here). Not too long after realizing their success with the Squeeze filter, Sawyer sought to offer a similar filter for backpackers, but at a reduced weight, size, and cost! Enter the Sawyer Mini. Continue reading “Sawyer Squeeze Mini: A comparison with the original Sawyer Squeeze”