Hiking the “Golden Gauntlet” in 360 video.

This video is going to be a little different from my normal hiking videos… It’s a 360 video! I’m really curious to hear what you think about it. I don’t think I’ll be making future videos using 360 video (the quality and technology isn’t quite sharp enough in my opinion and editing this footage was tough!) but I do think this technology is pretty dang cool.

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On umbrellas & rain skirts and why you should try hiking with them – Massdrop.com blog post

Recently I posted a guest-article on Massdrop.com’s ultralight talk forum. It focuses on using umbrellas and rain skirts on trail and the plethora of benefits that this system offers. Check out this link for the article and more details: https://www.massdrop.com/talk/965/on-umbrellas-and-rain-skirts-and-why-you-should-try-hiking-with-them

Long story short though… You should give hiking with an umbrella and rain skirt a try, it’s the bees knees!

Full Granary Canyon – Moab, Utah – Canyoneering Trip Video

This past Memorial Day marked a new chapter for me in my continual exploration of nature. Thanks to some great friends, I was introduced to the world of Canyoneering and am happy to report that I’m hooked. Delving downwards through ever deepening, winding canyons, while getting to see the sheer power that water can have over time is like opening up a door to a whole new part of the natural world. Flowing red curves of canyon and steep drops where water once fell coexist with the beautiful desert flora I’ve come to love in my past hikes. Essentially, canyoneering is like combining hiking with rappelling (and maybe a little climbing should be thrown in there too.) Let’s explore: Granary Canyon. Continue reading “Full Granary Canyon – Moab, Utah – Canyoneering Trip Video”

Continental Divide Trail – New Mexico

While hiking the Continental Divide Trail this last year, I produced a youtube series (Found here) from the trail, both shot and edited on my iPhone. While I did my best to edit and assemble the footage into a cohesive video, this is not the easiest task to be done solely on a phone. Though I am pleased with how the trail videos turned out, I couldn’t help but wonder what I could do with a little more time and editing power. Enter this new project. Continue reading “Continental Divide Trail – New Mexico”

Choosing YOUR backcountry eating utensil

The shelves at your local outfitter are likely loaded with a vast selection of eating utensils designed for use in the backcountry. Sporks, spoons, forks, knives, chopsticks, aluminum, titanium, plastic, lexan… It can be a bit overwhelming to say the least. Which utensil is best? Well, it depends on what your needs are. What follows is a breakdown of some of the more common choices and how they can benefit your load out. Continue reading “Choosing YOUR backcountry eating utensil”