Continental Divide Trail – Colorado

This series has been several months in the works now, but alas my final CDT edit is done. Looking through all of my footage from the trail has been both wonderful and horrible. It’s wonderful to go back and relive these memories, but it makes me horribly homesick for the trail.  Take a trip along the lovely Continental Divide Trail with me as  I complete the last state in my thru hike: Colorado.  Continue reading “Continental Divide Trail – Colorado”

Continental Divide Trail – Wyoming

Once again, it’s time for an edit from the Continental Divide Trail (CDT). This weeks video will focus on the unfathomably gorgeous state of Wyoming. After pushing my way south through Montana and Idaho (Seen in this post/video), I passed through a final “goodbye hail/snow storm” sent from Montana as a final parting gift for my travels. With snow on the ground and an icy sun rising in the distance I passed over the MT/WY border and into a new realm of discovery. Continue reading “Continental Divide Trail – Wyoming”

Continental Divide Trail – Montana & Idaho

After hiking northbound on the Continental Divide Trail through New Mexico’s rugged and beautiful deserts, I was presented with a challenging choice. Colorado was the next state I was set to conquer, however it had seen a massive amount of late spring (i.e. not melted yet) snow. I could either continue north and push through the powder with extra effort, increased avalanche dangers, and possible reroutes/missed sections of trail or I could flip up to the Canadian border at Glacier National Park and head back south to where I had left off. Partially due to avalanche danger and partly due to the fact that I did not want to skip the gorgeous San Juans of CO, I made the choice to flip. Thus… I present the next state(s) in my Continental Divide Trail series: Montana and Idaho. Continue reading “Continental Divide Trail – Montana & Idaho”

Continental Divide Trail – New Mexico

While hiking the Continental Divide Trail this last year, I produced a youtube series (Found here) from the trail, both shot and edited on my iPhone. While I did my best to edit and assemble the footage into a cohesive video, this is not the easiest task to be done solely on a phone. Though I am pleased with how the trail videos turned out, I couldn’t help but wonder what I could do with a little more time and editing power. Enter this new project. Continue reading “Continental Divide Trail – New Mexico”

Two of my friends from the PCT are releasing a documentary about the PCT experience/community and it looks epic! Check out the soon to be released: Do More With Less

Due out May 2nd, 2015 (For free on !!!) this film aims to capture the beauty of the Pacific Crest Trail but with an intimate focus on the community which has formed itself around the trail.

Continue reading “Two of my friends from the PCT are releasing a documentary about the PCT experience/community and it looks epic! Check out the soon to be released: Do More With Less”

Gear Review: La Sportiva Wildcat Shoes

Let’s face it, shoes may not be the most interesting piece of gear to talk about, but they are essential to your outdoor pursuits. I’d even go as far as saying that they are the most important gear choice you make for hiking and backpacking, this goes doubly so for thru-hiking. Keeping your feet supported, comfortable and in good shape will keep you happier in the backcountry and allow you to hike for longer. That’s what matters most right?

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